We are Pager Services

Here at Pager Services, we are committed to connect. We develop, produce and repair communication tools that protect and save lives. We have been wholeheartedly doing this for over 20 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are there for professionals in vulnerable workplaces.  We inform them and trace them whenever necessary. We are their invisible backup, continuously present and always to be counted on. We deliver reliable solutions for situations in which every second counts.

We listen closely to questions and wishes from the marketplace. That makes our solutions even smarter and more stable. Our end users’ high demands and expectations help us to always keep innovating in a relevant way.

On our website you can read the latest news about our products and services. That’s where we also share our ambitious R&D roadmap and everything you need to stay up to date on the latest technological and commercial trends within your market.

Please know that the door to our headquarters is always wide open. Pager Services houses the whole chain in one location and is more than happy to show you around. When you visit us, we can demonstrate exactly what we do: from design to production and from training to repair.

We hope to welcome you soon in real life!

“Committed to connect

The pager is still the only completely reliable communication tool and Pager Services is dedicated to connecting the present with the future

Time to get to the forefront

Pager Services is about to enter a new phase in her existence. Up till now, she, like her product, has been doing her important work in the background, quietly and steadily. However, lately so many exciting things have been happening within the company, that Pager Services wants to let everybody know what’s going on.

As said, a new product portfolio will be presented within half a year, which will totally change the pager market. The company is also going to heavily invest in their dealer partnerships, in order to be able to serve the market even better. But there’s more.

After all these years, André will gradually step back and Piet and Frans have joined Pager Services.

Next Generation Technology

The developments of our next generation pager and communication server are running at full speed. Currently we are setting up several pilots for our new communication server and prototypes of our new pager have just arrived. Curious about our innovations and our roadmap?