About us

In the beginning:
The origin of Pager Services is about 25 years back in time, Pager Services started as an independent repair centre for a number of Dutch partners from Philips, Bosch and later Atus. At the time, André van den Elzen, who is currently still associated with Pager Services as CEO/owner, began his own company, which developed in-depth knowledge of the products and the customers’ needs. During the years, the cooperation between Atus and Pager Services was further intensified, which led to Pager Services taking over the entire activities of Atus as of the 1st of January 2018. This step gives the assurance that the Atus products will be available for many years, but there is much more to come!

Some of the activities that we carry out nowadays are clearly distinguishable:
► Delivery of spareparts
► Repair centre with all means to guarantee factory quality and an unprecedented short lead time
► Production centre that has ALL official technical specifications and original means of production
► A website that makes sales ‘easy to do’; direct insight into the prices and stock
► An up-to-date warehouse and own purchasing channels

In short: we have everything under one roof!

A few key words of what drives our organization with 15 permanent, enthusiastic, customer driven employees:
► Ensure quality
► Maintain customer satisfaction and further promote it
► Short delivery times
► Solution-oriented thinking

Future developments:
We are confident about the future of technical- and commercial- market trends. That is because we also anticipate on what we observe. Pager Services knows its products like no other and also the needs of our customers. That is why Pager Services has defined a development plan, for more information refer to our R&D tab.