Innovation is one of the key pillars of Pager Services. With the founding of Next Generation Technology B.V. – the research and development company of Pager Services – the circle of development, production, sales and support is completed.

Our slogan “committed to connect” is also applicable to our development program. We are committed to listen to our customers need and connect that to state of the art technology. The result is a portfolio of products developed specifically for the needs of our customers, not generic products marketed for specific market segments. Our extensive knowledge and field experience in paging equipment combined with highly skilled engineers and a broad network of suppliers and dealers makes Pager Services a solid partner for every critical communication application.

“Next Generation Technology”

The development of our next generation pager is running at full speed. After extensive discussions with both end-users and dealers we have assembled a list of key requirements and started with the development of completely new hardware from scratch. In this blog post the current status of the development is presented.

“Products developed specifically for the needs of our customers”

New communication server

After many requests from the field, we started the development of our new communication server that replaces the old (DOS based) alphadesk server. Discussions with end-users and dealers resulted in a list of key requirements. The new communication server will have a better user experience and more options to communicate with other devices than pagers in order to be better prepared to the future.

Since the introduction of smart phones, the classical pager has obtained a reputation of being old fashioned. Some say that the classical pager is dead and will be replaced by smart phones. We at Pager Services have a different view on this and are committed to show that paging is very much alive.

“We at Pager Services are committed to show that paging is very much alive”