Our products are used in critical environments where every second counts. Pager Services is absolutely committed to quality. After all, professionals in demanding sectors rely on our products, solutions and services for business-critical communication. Pager Services started 20 years ago with repairs in the field of Personal Security. Our repair department consists of highly experienced and well-trained employees who, through their many years of experience, offer a service that is equivalent to reliability and professionalism.

Because we do not only repair but also produce these products, we are in the special situation that we can use the same high-quality tools and measuring instruments for our repairs.

We have a large stock of parts and components so we guarantee a very short lead time. All repairs are registered in our database upon arrival, so we can follow the life-cycle of the repaired products and provide you with a correct advice for the future through a report.

  • Visual and technical check
  • Replacement and repair defective parts
  • 24-hour test
  • Sent back in a sturdy packaging with the right protection

You will receive a properly working product after repair and if necessary we ensure that your products look like new again.

The pager is still the only completely reliable communication tool.

Should it not be economically feasible to carry out a repair we are happy to advise you on possible alternatives.

In addition to repairs for mobile telephones, we also repair stationary products and mainboards.

The variety of service levels makes Pager Services a reliable partner to handle your repair requests.

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“It is always service first”