In the event of a fire or other emergency situation, it is vital that the evacuation proceeds quickly and orderly, without panic. Panic among residents, patients and employees is one of the biggest causes of physical suffering, especially when they cannot bring themselves to safety. The silent alarm system from Pager Services B.V. warns a select group of employees who can immediately initiate this evacuation and bring those who are present to safety.

The NEN/EVAC Control Unit is a complete control unit for the care of a wireless silent alarm system for evacuation in the event of a fire. The control unit is able to follow up a fire alarm by a Fire Panel or a manually issued evacuation signal and to enable a controlled evacuation. Extensive monitoring of proper functioning of other system components such as a paging transmitter and an EN54-4 certified power supply, as well as the control unit itself, ensures optimum availability of the evacuation system. An LCD display on the controller contributes to efficient programming of this unit.

  • Complete NEN2575 basic package
  • Expansion options
  • Easy to assemble and program
  • Optimal quality and reliability

Bring those who are present to safety.

“The solution to prevent panic

The package is composed of the following parts:

  • Central Unit developed specifically on the basis of NEN2575;
  • UHF paging transmitter 5W with transmitter monitoring;
  • 12 VDC / 6 A EN54-4 power supply with 48 Ah batteries;
  • UHF paging receivers (3 pieces) incl. Rechargeable batteries;
  • Cable set for NEN kit.

The heart of the system is the NEN/ EVAC Central unit in which all requirements of the applicable standards are united. A second important part of this system is the UHF paging transmitter including monitoring and antenna as well as 3 paging receivers. Depending on the applicable standard a standard loading rack or checking loading rack will be delivered . All these parts are supplied with power through of a power supply in accordance with EN54-4. Additional pagers can be added as required.

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