Research & Development

The various new technical possibilities require optimal insight into the market needs. Of course we are well aware that we are concerned with securing and monitoring people in potentially threatened situations (personal security). We believe that a combination of different and new technologies will increase the reliability of the personal security products. In commercial perspective it will give the traditional products a new impulse and other market areas will open up. Some well-known products will be therefore be expanded with new functions or replaced with something completely new. We want to combine the best of two worlds; indoor- and outdoor technologies and we will follow other and new paths here.

Cooperation with Next Generation Technologies (NGT):
To realize the development of future products and functions, mr. André van den Elzen and mr. Frans Kanters established “Next Generation Technologies (NGT)”. In this partnership the actual development plan, on behalf of Pager Services, for existing and totally new products is implemented.

Examples of currently pending development projects:
► A completely new system platform. Next to being an integration platform, it will also replace the entire alphaserver
► Combination of indoor/outdoor paging/personal security
► Coupling between paging and sensor technology
► Indoor- and outdoor location detection

We advise you to read periodically the R&D information to stay updated.
If you have questions about products, applications or if you want to be informed in more detail about other matters, please feel free to contact us. Last but not least, feel free to share your feed-back with us.