At this page you will find:
► An overview of boards that can be offered for repair
► The pricelist for repairs on stationairy products is available on request
► Please note our terms and conditions

Pager Services is well equipment to handle all kind repairs. Our very professional processes are basically quality and customer driven. Our well educated and experienced team understands the product behaviour and the urgency as no other. Because Pager Services also manufactures the products, we are able to execute repairs in an factory environment which increases the quality level of our processes. We are therefore in the fantastic situation to use the same high standard tools and measurement equipment for both our production- and repair processes. Usually complete products are offered to be repaired. This includes intervention on all mechanics but even on component level. On request we can repair also separate PCB boards, see the website for details and possibilities. The data of the repaired products (what is found and what is done) is stored in our repair data base which enables us to follow the lifecycle of the repaired products. For the repair of ATEX products we maintain always a higher quality procedure to ensure that traceability and logging are secured. Sometimes repairs of relatively cheap commercial items are not supported, because it is economical not achievable. In such cases replacement for brand new is advised. This variety of service levels makes Pager Services a reliable partner to handle your repair requests.

Our repair process in headlines:
► Sending the goods to be repaired to Pager Services is considered as repair order
► Standard factory warranty against production errors, is 12 months
► The warranty on repairs is 1 month
► If a warranty request is not accepted you will be advised to handle the repair order as an out of warranty repair
► Pager Services aims for mobile equipment a turnaround time of 3 days
► A repair price list for central equipment is available through the website, repair prices for mobile equipment are given on request